Awareness Talks

Our Work with Doctors Surgeries in the Crawley Area.

In 2017 Autism Support Crawley were contacted by Healthwatch because of concerns raised with them by parent/carers about the lack of autism awareness and understanding at some of the Crawley GP practices.  A representative from Healthwatch attended one of our charities evening meetings to talk to some of our members about their concerns.   They then asked if some of our charities trustees could visit GP practices and talk from a parents prospective about how small, easy to implement adjustments could be made to help make visiting the practices less stressful for someone with autism.  Pound Hill Medical Group kindly agreed to be our first practice, and the Practice Manager Perry Anderson was so impressed with the content, that he spoke to all the Practice Managers in Crawley and suggested we visited. 

August the same year we won the National Healthwatch 'It Starts With You' award for our work with the doctors surgeries.  To date we have visited 7 surgeries and the Urgent Treatment Centre at Crawley Hospital, some practices we have returned for a second visit.  We will be resuming our talks once it is covid safe to do so.  

Healthwatch also put together a survey which we asked our charities members to complete and produced a list of  changes from the results of the survey which is available via the button below.  These results also confirmed that we were covering all the parents concerns in our talks. 

Awareness Talks to Other Organisations 

Building on the success of our doctors surgery talks we started to receive requests from other organisations to talk to their staff.  We tailored the talks to each organisation.     

To date we have visited:

Crawley Library (Public Talk)

Crawley Police Station (3 visits)

Horsham Job Centre including area centre managers meeting.

K2 Leisure Centre

Billingshurst Leisure Centre

Tilgate Nature Centre

Bewbush Nursery School

The Hawth Theatre

We will also be resuming these talks when it is covid safe to do so.  If your organisation is interested i  one of our informal talks with plenty of opportunity to ask questions please see use one of the contact methids on our contact us page,